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Interpreting results

Description of Benchmark Levels 


Description of Benchmark Levels


Benchmark Performance Levels

Description of Benchmark Performance Levels


Test performance suggests that future academic performance will not be adversely affected (students may pass or fail at university, but this is highly unlikely to be attributable to strengths or weaknesses in the domains tested). If admitted, students may be placed into regular programmes of study.


The challenges identified are such that it is predicted that academic progress will be adversely affected. If admitted, students’ educational needs should be met as deemed appropriate by the institution (e.g. extended or augmented programmes, special skills provision).


Test performance reveals serious learning challenges: it is predicted that students will not cope with higher education study without extensive and long-term support, perhaps best provided through bridging programmes (i.e. non-credit preparatory courses, special skills provision) or Further Education and Training (FET) provision. Institutions admitting students performing at this level would need to provide such support themselves.



Description of Intermediate Benchmark Levels

Intermediate performance band

Description of Intermediate Benchmark Performance Levels

Intermediate Upper

Students are likely to need complementary support (additional tutorials, workshops, augmented courses, language intensive work).

Intermediate Lower

Students need to be placed in an extended programme of study.