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FAQ NBT Online

1. Which devices are supported by the NBT online platform?

The table below has a list of minimum criteria of all supported devices.



2. What if I do not have access to any of the devices and/or facilities to write the NBT online? Will the written test still be available for me to access?

The remote writing option would be available as an alternate assessment. This will mean that the writers will be responsible for the cost of a courier, proctor/invigilator, venue, etc. 

3. How will I prepare for the test? Will there be an exemplar question?

All writers who have registered for 25 & 26 July will be able to access a live test simulation on 12 July. Details will be communicated via email and SMS. All registered writers will be able to access a live test simulation on 12 July. Details will be communicated via email and SMS.

4. If I am registered to write the AQL and MAT test how will this be done for the online test?

Writers will write AQL on the first test date and MAT on the following day.

5. Can I use my mobile/cell phone to take the NBT test/assessment?

No, unfortunately, the NBT online assessment platform only supports Tablet devices. These refer to any iPad or Android Tablet which may be utilised as long as it complies with the minimum device specification requirements listed on our website. Refer to FAQ 1 for details!

6. What happens if I lose internet connectivity during the test?

Should you lose internet connectivity during the test (5 minutes per hour) your responses will be saved to the system and once you reconnect you will be taken back to the last question answered. The time allocated within which to complete the assessment will also not be affected and if before the disconnection there were 2 hours left then those 2 hours will be honoured by the platform.

7. If I am writing the online test, how long would I have to wait for my results?

The scores will be made available within two weeks after having been written.

8. I don't have a microphone or headset available. What do I need to do?

A headset will NOT be required unless you need to contact a person in the support team. 

9. If I cannot write online can I book or write the pencil and paper test I booked for

The National Sessions will only resume once Lockdown Level 1 is achieved nationally. The date of this is uncertain and hence National Sessions cannot be guaranteed in this cycle. You are strongly encouraged to write the Online NBT test.

10. Must I pay again?

If you are currently registered and have paid, you do not have to pay to write online on the 25 July. If you choose another test date you will be required to pay for that test.

11. Will there be anymore online tests made available after 25th July?

The next NBT online assessment will be 15th Aug 2020 (AQL) and 16th Aug 2020 (MAT). Registrations will close on 2nd August 2020, 23:59. After this date, no further changes to your booking will be permitted.

12. When can I register for the July online NBT Test?

The registration date for the July test will remain open until 10 June 2020, 23:59. After this date, no further changes to your booking will be permitted.

13. Will I be disadvantaged if I do a pencil and paper test as opposed to the online test?

No writer will be disadvantaged for writing online. The reason is that the NBT cannot have national sessions during the current level 3 lockdown restrictions. There are various other protocols and your safety is important to us.

14. What if my religious affiliation does not allow me to write on a Saturday?

Writers who are unable to participate in the NBT online test on a Saturday will be permitted to write both the AQL and MAT test the Sunday. Provided that you have registered on the website and forwarded the following details to us:

1. Full Name

2. ID Number

3. NBT Reference number

Please send these details to 

15. Will extra time be allowed for “special needs/accommodation for writers?

Yes, kindly contact

16. Can I change my online test after the 10 June if I choose the pen and paper test?

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, we are unable to offer national sessions during lockdown level 3. There is far too much uncertainty as to when the lockdown will ease and when venues will become available. The national sessions will only resume and be limited to certain venues once lockdown level 1 is reached. Kindly note at this point we cannot give any confirmed dates for such sessions and strongly encourage you to write the Online NBT.