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FAQ NBT Online

21. NBT Online Test Rules

  • The NBT Online test is undertaken in a secure proctored online environment. You will be monitored throughout the test to ensure that you follow all testing procedures. Your entire test session will be recorded. Writers are required to comply with all test rules and requirements to avoid the invalidation of your test.
  • The test “Simulation” prior to the test day is compulsory. You will be advised of the date of this simulation for each test session. The simulation allows a trial run of the Photo ID verification process and ensure the Lockdown Browser downloads successfully to prevent any unexpected problems on the test day.
  • Please take note of the supported devices for taking the NBT test online (FAQ 1). 
  • You must have administrator rights on the computer as you are required to download the Lockdown Browser software onto the computer and may be prompted for the admin password.
  • The NBT Online test must be taken in a quiet room with a blank wall behind you, with good lighting.
  • The Laptop or Computer camera must be operational and facing your face at all times during the test, otherwise, your session may be invalidated. There is a photo panel visible to you during your test so that you can check your camera is functional and your face visible.
  • Your face must be visible so no hoodies or clothing that completely obscures the face are allowed.
  • You may not wear headphones during the test session.
  • No other person may enter the room during your test session. Movement in the room will be picked up by the camera and will invalidate your test session.
  • You may only have a piece of paper and a pen/pencil in the test room. Books, cell phones, smart watches, calculators, and any other items are strictly prohibited. These items will be picked up by the system and will invalidate your test session.
  • Bathroom breaks are permitted but must be less than 5 minutes in duration. 
  • You may have a bottle of water (or other liquid refreshment) with you during the test.